Friday, October 14, 2011

Babies, Baptisms, and a memorial.

Baptisms are an exciting thing in our family. We try to do it quickly after the baby is born - gotta get a clean soul fast. We include some family history by using a gown my dad used as a baby (for our older girl) or in this case one my husband's grandfather used. Then, we invite a bunch of family and friends to join in the exciting day for our baby.

This turned out to to be a even more special day. It just happened that we baptized our new little one on September 11. Somehow the schedules between out of town family and in town family and godparents just happened to work for that Sunday. So it turns out that the time we picked happened to be a memorial mass for 9/11. So there were a handful of Knights of Columbus, firemen and policemen there to mark the day. We didn't lose anyone close to us on that day, but our country lost so many lives. How special it was for us to welcome a new member into the church and celebrate new life on a day when so many people lost there lives.

There are a few fun pictures to share. My husband documented the chaos that happened and I got to do a mini photo-shoot of my new little girl in her great grandpa's baptism gown. 

Oh in case you didn't know, we had baby number 2 a month ago, which is why the blog has been quiet for a while.
 With her godparents and the wonderful priest

 With Grandma.
 Gaga and Poppy!
 With all the important guys from the day!

 Some of the chaos with big sister running around!

Had to add a big sister and little sister pic!

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