Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eye Love U

Yesterday, we decided to be crafty and make Valentine's cards for dad. I scrambled around for supplies and remembered that we had plenty of tissue paper and drawing paper. This is the finished product. The Eye Heart You theme was a joke because my husband has been trying to teach our oldest to say it for the past few weeks.
She's a serious crafter.

This was the first time I let her handle the glue on her own. "Ohhh glue."


Obligatory smile for the camera.

Now she is just showing off her skills.  

"Love. You"
We did this a lot during the card making session.

We even made one for her little sister to give to dad. A mini version of course.

This morning I brought our little one down holding the cards for daddy. He was surprised and smiling. Of course, I walked downstairs to two vases of flowers and a BIG pack of snickers bars - my favorite. So he wins on the thoughtful factor, but we made some pretty cute cards and managed some cute pictures while doing it.


Woosterwoo said...

Gorgeous! Oh Mimi she's beautiful, and such a skilled crafter :) I finally dared to paint at home with Lewis and Megan not so long ago and you should have seen them! Much love, Wendy x

Mimi Campaigne said...

Oh Wendy, I haven't even touched paints yet. Shameful, but I am taking baby steps with crafts. Great to hear from you. Hope you're doing well!