Monday, February 27, 2012

First meals

Today I decided it would be a good day for our baby's first meal, and I was able to do a play by play of the morning's events for you! As you can see, she didn't know what was coming her way, but her big sister was there to help too!


Cute shot of our baby. Just had to add it. This is how she looks ninety-nine percent of the day. Her cousin has nick-named her "happy baby"

 Saying our blessing with her big sister helping to keep her hands together in a reverent form.

Finishing off with the Sign of the Cross, with help from big sister of course!

 Again, a smile shot. Like I said, happy baby most of the time.

 First big bite!

Gross! Nope, she wasn't a fan.

Second attempt. I figured maybe the first time she was just getting adjusted to the textures.

Nope. She didn't like it at all. What followed was a grossed out face, spitting out the food followed by a bit of gagging. Nothing like totally hating your first meal.

Okay, I have to confess that this wasn't her first taste of food. We have let her lick a few cookies, and she did have a few crumbs of a McDonald's biscuit the other morning, which was well received with lots of smiles. The rest of the play by play has to be written since my battery died mid-documenting of the exciting event. Her big sister tried her best to wipe our baby's face, but did so a little too diligently, which resulted in tears from both kids, some correction, some timeout, and then more tears. Nothing like a bit of tears during a first meal. Oh well, there are always sweet potatoes to try tomorrow!

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