Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's my party and I'll sing if I want to.

My little girl turned 2 last week. 

And this picture captures her perfectly. Hair strewn all over, fluffy tutu on, and a distant stare - she's probably dreaming about cookies.


 Well, actually the below picture is more accurate. She is normally smiling and giggling while her wild mane is barely clinging to a bow.

 Poor kid had the darnedest time blowing out all of the candles her mother put on her cake. She is only two, but what fun is blowing out just two candles?

Still trying to blow out the candles.

 Family pic! Her sister was sleeping the afternoon away, so she missed the photo op.

Her dad and uncle were trying to determine the best strategy for cutting the cake. I'm sure they were both thinking, "it would probably taste much better with some bourbon."

Here's her birthday buddy. You may have seen him in pictures before. His mommy was my college roommate, and he was born a week before our little girl. They are best buddies; they fight and play just like brother and sister.

 A big cake face smile. I think she gave two thumbs up for her cake. 

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