Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we ditched the suburbs and made our way through cornfields and two lane highways to visit a pumpkin patch. We went to a tiny farm town about forty-five minutes away and enjoyed the fresh air, the pumpkins, and, of course, the animals. We had to tear the girls away from the animals. Feeding them was the highlight of the trip.  It turned out to be a great morning with the girls, and we even managed to truck home a few pumpkins to make our home look a bit more prepared for fall - or at least more prepared than I am, since I feel like fall is just the death march into winter. Sorry, I'm not a huge fan of sub-freezing temps for five months, but I do love a little bit of snow.

Did I mention the place had donuts? Well I forgot to get my camera out for it, but the donuts were delicious, and the hot apple cider hit the spot. 

Here's the proof of the fun family outing!

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