Sunday, February 27, 2011

shrimp and kings make a cajun girl happy

I was able to get into the spirit of Mardi Gras this weekend with a little fried shrimp and a little dessert. A good friend of mine suggested we attempt to make what is definitely one of my favorite meals and somewhat hard to come by in my neck of the woods. We made our first batch of fried shrimp poboys. I had to call my dad (an expert on all things fried and shellfish related) to get a play by play list of how to prep and fry the shrimp.  Below is a step by step documentation of the yummy dinner. It was so good, that we are still talking about it and are planning on adding a few oysters to the mix for the next round of sandwiches.
We peeled the shrimp, butterfly and take out the vein.
 Doesn't she look so excited to peel shrimp for the first time. I on the other hand looked terrible in this shot, so you get to see my arm.
 Check out all of that hard work.
 We battered the shrimp first in a milk and egg mixture and then in some good ole Louisiana Fish Fry.
 We dropped them in the hot oil and let them fry for a few minutes.
 Then they turned out so nice and golden brown. Yum!
 We cut up a few tomatoes and some lettuce. Made a spicy mustard, and got to work making the poboys.
 Doesn't he look so excited to load up his poboy on that french bread.
 That is delicious!
 And we end up with happy faces and full stomachs.
 We topped it off with a slice of king cake. It was a knock-off recipe, but it still made me feel like I was back home.
One of the best dinners ever, I must say. Can't wait to do it again!

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